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hiring a contractor in chapel hill and durham, nc - part three

Hint Two: Ask the right questions

Skylight installation Chapel Hill

It's easy to miss something important during the meeting or estimate appointment, after all – just how much do you know about the ins and outs of building and remodeling? If you did know a lot, chances are you would not need a contractor. Here are some important questions which have to be answered:

If sub-contractors are used, contractor has limited control over the crew on site, it may complicate warranty service and you are likely to be paying more than you could otherwise for the work at hand.

Questions and concerns will certainly come up during the project, possibly even urgent ones. It is important to make sure that you will be able to communicate with and be understood by the crew and have a way to reach the contractor at any time.

While warranty policies may vary, one thing is certain: the investment you make with a home improvement project is supposed to last and perform much longer than 6 months or a year. You have every reason to expect the contractor to express good will to follow up on any major issues whenever such may come up.

You may not cover all the bases, but you will get a sense of how serious and knowledgeable the contractor is. Don't accept “It'll be fine” or “Don't worry about it” for an answer. If it is important to you, it has to be important to your contractor.

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