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hiring a contractor in chapel hill and durham, nc - part four

Hint Three: Trust your gut!

Roofing and skylights Chapel Hill

Most likely you will get to meet the contractor or his representative before making your decision. The first impression is very important and you can be sure that the project will not go better than the estimate appointment does!

If the person is late without prompt notice, rude on the phone or in person, doesn't answer the questions directly, laughs them off or changes topic – these are possible warning signs. Person coming out to do the estimate is the face of the company. If whom they send out makes you uncomfortable in any way, that is an indication of what's in store for when the project in underway. Contractor and his workers will be in and around your home, possibly for a significant period of time. You owe it to yourself to make sure that you don't let in anyone who rubs you the wrong way! 

Try to evaluate how invested is the contractor into his business: 

Watching for these signs is a good way to avoid a run-in with a fly-by-night outfit, which would be prone to make the project a bad experience. 

These reasonably simple steps will help you avoid a home improvement misadventure and will greatly increase your chances of having a smooth and uneventful remodeling project. If you have any additional questions – drop me a line I will be happy to hear from you.

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