Our billing is based on two simple principles that set us apart from competitors
1. Fairness
We only bill for productive time at the job. You don't pay for any downtime caused by weather, organizational issues or errors. We are on the clock only when we are working and producing tangible results for your project. (Shopping time is billable, but we keep it quick and coordinated. You won't see us running "to the store" three times in a day for a piece we "forgot" or it's on us.)

2. Predictability
We do our estimating homework well, so when you receive a proposal from Trades of the Triangle, it will have a clear detailed description of the project to help avoid any ambiguity. The proposal price is itemized between labor, material cost and disposal. Of these, labor and disposal are fixed quotes while the material cost as a good faith estimate. You deserve to know just how much your project is going to cost upfront - that's the only reasonable way to do shopping, isn't it?
Trades of the Triangle is a living proof that fair and straightforward pricing in home improvement industry is possible. Try us and experience for yourself the golden standard of service and accountability.

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Billing schedules:
        A. Contract based billing

Contract price is itemized between fixed labor quote, material cost and disposal. Billing is done in full after satisfactory completion of work or is split into installments based on work progress.

        B. "Time and Material" billing

Applies to:

"T&M" invoicing is composed of following line items:
$25 one-time administrative fee, applied to all new service requests
$44.75/man hr general rate (applies to most types of work) - 3hr minimum charge
Hourly rates are billed in hr increments
As a contractor we owe it to the municipalities and Mother Nature to properly dispose of and recycle all debris generated during our work, which involves some expense. Disposal fee is based on volume of trash as follows:
                Handful - Free
                Trash bag - $10
                Trailer - $85

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