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When tackling a large project, there is hardly anything more important than the level of your comfort with the contractor and his men. After all, you'll see a lot of them during the course of a large job. You have carefully thought through and talked over the design, fixture selections and the costs, but how about these, no less important questions:Addition

Who will physically perform the work? If it isn't personally the man you shake hands with, request to meet the foreman or even the whole crew for a good measure. We all carefully consider whom we let into our homes; this decision can potentially be much more consequential than one unwelcome guest in a book club meeting or a party. Meeting the crew ahead of the project will allow you to rule out any unsavory characters spending long days around your family, home and valuables.

How many crews, which are not in direct employment of the contractor, will be involved in the job? The fewer – the better. Added logistics, uncertainty and limited control outside crews bring into the project can significantly complicate things. Of course, subs are essential, but if it seems that most or every phase of the project is “subbed” out, the contractor may merely be a middleman, earning his commission. Request credentials and insurance from everyone involved and do an Internet search – there may be plenty of things not mentioned in the sales pitch.

You have likely noticed that there is a greater chance to get proper attention to finer details and tidiness from a remodeler or handyman rather than a production builder. Much of the reason has to do with the way job budgets incentivize them differently, but there is also a fact that builder crews are typically accustomed to working in unoccupied houses under construction. Needless to say, these habits are an ill fit at house you live in, especially since most additions don't have a separate access. Crew, which is equipped and trained for working inside and around occupied residences day in and day out, is often a better fit.

Plans, drafting and CAD

Here, at Trades of the Triangle, we generate professional construction drawings, floor plans and elevations, necessary for code enforcement officials and homeowners' associations, in house. And, best of all, they are completely FREE with a project! As a special bonus, we will generate a set of relevant 3-D photo-realistic views of completed state of your project, even before the work begins, using CAD rendering.


Sunroon in essence is an addition, so all the rules of thumb, related to a large project, apply. One important distinction, however, is a large amount of glass involved. Because of the nature of the space, there is always an incentive to maximize the natural light in the room and this is often achieved by using insulated glass panels, rather than ready-made windows. This is one affordable and efficient way to go, but there are few important things to know. The frames for the glass panels, especially the sill, must be deliberately designed to prevent the water from pooling or in any way reaching the framing. Modern PVC components are the material of choice here. Continuous (not split) jambs, strategically placed flashing and sloped sills are the techniques in the arsenal of a conscientious carpenter. A good carpenter should be excited to tell you and sketch in detail what his plan is – ask him to. It is too important to dismiss; here, in Chapel Hill, Durham and Hillsborough we have seen and taken apart way too many rotten fixed windows that were put together without coherent idea for water protection. Caulking joints “real good” does not suffice here, believe me. 

It's a big decision to expand your home and choosing right contractor to build it for you can be of great consequence as well. We guide our customers through the entire addition construction process, beginning with plans and permitting and with us you don't need to fear that the job will be left "98% completed". We pay attention to your needs, do our work well and on time and, most importantly, stand behind our quotes. See our "No Sticker Shock" promise.